Office Technologies will make sure that your staff fully understands the investment your company has made in equipment, and how to use the equipment selected.

User Training

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With the large investment companies make in office machines today they must have an expectation of cost return. This can’t be accomplished unless the user of the product understands the equipment’s potential and how to achieve it. User training is the best way to maximize the equipment potential as well as personnel productivity.

Once you have selected the features that meet your company’s needs it becomes our responsibility to properly train your staff on the use of each of these features. Without proper training your investment is devalued at best.

The buyer is often not present when the staff of users is trained on new equipment. And frequently with our competitors, the features considered as key benefits for the business by the buyer are not fully conveyed during training. It is our policy and our practice to make sure that the features, which the purchasing team selects as essential, are incorporated into the training program. This may include several training reviews to ensure that users are comfortable in understanding the purpose, and the benefits, of the features selected, and the correct way to utilize them.